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Summary of Interesting Person Profiles

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Profile - Drew Michel

With more than 40 years in the commercial offshore diving and ROV industry, Drew Michel is a natural choice for MATE Center’s National Visiting Committee (NVC). Michel is the owner and president of ROV Technologies, Inc., a company that provides ROV consulting services to the oil and gas industry and other companies that use ROVs.

Profile - In the Spotlight – Harry Bohm

Harry Bohm is the Project Manager at the Underwater Research Lab in Simon Frasier University’s School of Engineering Science in Canada. In addition to this academic work, he consults with the MATE Center and other institutions in Canada and California on projects related to the design and construction of UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) for educational purposes.

Profile - In the Spotlight - Joe Malott

Joe Malott spent much of last year working on a boat builder’s dream project: helping to build the America’s Cup vessel Abracadabra I. Not only did he manage to land this exciting position, but it was his first job after completing the boat building program at Honolulu Community College’s Marine Education and Training Center (METC).

Profile - Jim McFarlane

“I started diving in submersibles when I was eight, began piloting ROVs at the age of eleven, designed my first ROV at fifteen, and started working in the oil fields offshore at twenty-one,” says Jim McFarlane. “I’ve worked in oil/gas services, military mine countermeasures, search and recovery, and survey and oceanographic research.” He also spent fifteen years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute before starting his own company, McFarlane Marine Services.

Profile - John Peterson

For John Peterson, being a member of the MATE Center’s National Visiting Committee (NVC), or advisory board, is an opportunity to influence and learn from colleagues in other areas of marine technology. A former navy diver, Peterson is the general manager of Oceaneering Reflange, a division of Oceaneering International, Inc. that provides high-pressure piping connectors for critical-service applications in the hydrocarbon processing, chemical, aerospace, and power industries.

Profile - Captain Don Walsh, USN (ret) Ph.D.

Only two people have ever been to the deepest part of the world ocean, and Dr. Don Walsh is one of them. In 1960 Walsh, along with Swiss inventor Jacques Piccard, piloted the U.S. Navy’s bathyscaph Trieste to a spot at the bottom of the Marianas Trench known as the Challenger Deep, which lies 35,800 feet (nearly seven miles) below the surface and some 200 miles southwest of the island of Guam.

Profile - In The Spotlight - Martin Klein, Side Scan Sonar Pioneer

Martin Klein still thinks of himself as a student, despite the fact that he’s had a very successful career with a string of impressive accomplishments. It’s a modest attitude from someone in his position, but it holds an important message for today’s students as they consider their careers and the educational paths they’ll follow.

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