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Summary of Career Profiles

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Profile - Kay T. Ho - Chemical Oceanographer

Profile - Gary W. Yohe - Environmental Economist

Profile - Sheila Hemami - Electrical Engineer

Profile - Margaret Leinen - Asst. Director for Geosciences

Profile - Mark Galan - Senior Animal Trainer

Profile - Stephen Truchon - Marine Ecologist

Profile - Glenda K. Ashford - Environmental Engineer

Profile - Mike Lane, Electrical Engineering Technician

Mike Lane works in the Test and Analysis Branch at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC, in Florida). He works in the Prototype Lab, where one-of-a-kind designs are created and tested for feasibility.

Profile - Emmelina Mojica - Education Specialist

Profile - Myron J. Kebus - Aquaculture Veterinarian

Profile - Shannon Atkinson - Marine Biologist

Profile - Steve Engstrom - Marine Biologist

Profile - Kurt Byers - Environmental Communicator

Profile - Lance Barrett-Lennard - Whale Researcher

Profile - Rick Hawkins - Enforecement Officer

Profile - David M. Balk - Ocean Engineer

Profile - Julep Gillman-Bryan, Marine Technician

“I was hired the day I graduated, so I went straight from school to work,” she explains. “The only major difference was that I started getting paid; that’s how relevant my training was.” Her education included marine biology, oceanography, water analysis and chemistry, photography, motor mechanics, and a lot of hands-on learning aboard CFCC’s research vessel Dan Moore.

Profile - Sharon Jeffery - Marine Biologist

Profile - Tim Foster, Bosun

To Tim Foster, who works as a bosun for Sabine Transportation Company, that just about sums up both the best and the hardest parts of his job. “I love the sea – and visiting other countries,” he enthuses.

Profile - Chad W. Scott - Marine Engineer

Profile - Eleanor S. Uhlinger - Marine Information Specialist

Profile - Rose Dufour - Ship Scheduler/Clearance Officer

Profile - Bervin Jenkins, Marine Electronics Technician

“As a lead electronics technician, I’m responsible for troubleshooting and operating side scan sonar systems,” Jenkins explains. The sonar systems are used to survey the sea floor in search and recovery missions.

Profile - Langley R. Grace - Ocean Engineer

Profile - Wen-Lu Zhu - Assoc. Scientist, Geology

Profile - Monica Broumand, Harbor Patrol Officer

The harbor patrol provides security, law enforcement, and emergency response for the Santa Barbara waterfront and harbor area, including four marinas that shelter approximately 1,200 boats and the well-known Stearns Wharf.

Profile - Nick Scimone – Maintenance Technician/Systems Engineer

Every day Scimone walks through the facility to check for potential problems. He checks the air blowers, which aerate the water in the tanks. He checks the intake pump, which brings water from the ocean to a storage tank, and the transfer pumps, which then distribute the water among the tanks.

Profile - Ben Waltenberger - GIS Analyst

“There are both scientific and educational reasons for this work,” explains Waltenberger. “It helps us develop a better understanding of the Sanctuary’s ecosystem, but we also use the data to educate people about the geography and marine resources of the region.”

Profile - Sue Lisin - Research Biologist

Profile - Dr. Carlos Robles - Professor of Marine Ecology

Profile - Anna Switzer - Science Educator

Profile - Stuart E. May - Aquarium Curator

Profile - Sonya Wood - Environmental Educator

Profile - Charles Fort - Herring Biologist

Profile - Janice Sessing - Marine Biologist

Profile - John Kuriawa - Environmental Protection Specialist

Profile - Ms. Maeling Tapp - Materials Engineer

Profile - Indumathie Hewawasam - Marine Policy Specialist

Profile - Lieutenant Commander Matt Pickett - Chief Pilot

Lieutenant Commander Matt Pickett’s day at the office is anything but ordinary. That could be because his office is an airplane and his day is spent 1,000+ feet plus above the ground.

Profile - Kay C Dee - Biomedical Engineer

Profile - Jake Schweigert - Herring Biologist

Profile - Ashanti Pyrtle - Assist. Professor, Aquatic Science

Profile - Lisa Munger - Biological Oceanographer

Profile - Ginny Broadhurst, Marine Program Coordinator

As marine program coordinator for the Northwest Straits Commission, Ginny Broadhurst is pursuing her dream. “I’ve always wanted to work with people, policies, and science to do a better job of protecting the marine environment,” she says.

Profile - Jo Griffith - Marine Illustrator

Profile - Russel Hill - Marine Biotechnologist

Profile - Valeria Steverlynck - Oyster Aquaculturist

Profile - Rick Mohammed - Physical Oceanographer

Profile - John Buck - Electrical Engineer

Profile - Jennifer Ikemoto, Game Warden

If you’re longing for a desk job where you know exactly what to expect every day, then becoming a game warden with the marine region of the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) is probably not the job for you. But if the idea of something new every day, working outside, and teaching people about the value of natural resources appeals to you, you’re likely to be very interested in Jennifer Ikemoto’s job.

Profile - Ivan F. Gonzalez - Sensory Biophysicist

Profile - Jody Armstrong Stebben - Exhibit Designer

Profile - Ella Jean Morgan, Vice President, Academics

Ella Jean Morgan is vice president of academic programs at the College of Oceaneering (COO), a professional diving school based in Wilmington and San Diego, California.

Profile - Dianna Bo - Ocean Engineer

Profile - John Natale - Marine Safety Officer

Profile - Frank R. Hall - Geological Oceanographer

Profile - Kathryn Kelly - Principal Oceanographer

Profile - David T. Goethel - Commercial Fisherman

Profile - Jamie M. Courname - Fisheries Ecologist

Profile - Jason Woolard, Cartographer

Jason Woolard is a cartographer working for NOAA’s Ocean Service (NOS), the scientific and technical branch of NOAA that measures and predicts coastal and ocean phenomena, protects large areas of the oceans, and works to ensure safe navigation. Woolard explains, “NOS is involved everything from producing nautical charts and protecting coral reef habitats to predicting tides and managing the nation’s marine sanctuaries.”

Profile - Steven Hartz, Marine Technician

Hartz works with a variety of electronic equipment. “We’ve come into an era where we use computers and electronics for everything,” says Hartz, who maintains a network of ten computers on board the Alpha Helix.

Profile - Rich Schramm, Software Engineer

One of the most enjoyable aspects of his work, according to Schramm, is working closely with scientists. He enjoys finding solutions for their challenges. “By having a good understanding of the principles of the measurements scientists use, we can advise them on what will and won’t work on certain equipment,” he explains.

Profile - George I. Matsumoto - Biological Oceanographer

Profile - Kip Evans – Underwater Photographer

Kip’s professional adventures include completing some of the first submersible dives ever off Cordell Bank (northern California), diving among whale sharks in Belize, and working on a recent National Geographic television special called “Pearl Harbor: Legacy of an Attack” with Dr. Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic.

Profile - Kevin W. Krick - Marine Policy Advisor

Profile - Stephen F. Cross - President, Aquametrix Research Ltd.

Profile - Anders W. Andren - Aquatic Chemist

Profile - Dr.Andy Spencer - Professor of Biological Sciences

Profile - Maya Tolstoy - Research Scientist

Profile - Dawn Wright - Professor, Geosciences

Profile - Jonathan H. Sharp - Chemical Oceanographer

Profile - Maryellen Timmons - Marine Education Specialist

Profile - Melanie Holland - Research Assistant

Profile - Lauren Mullineaux - Senior Scientist, Biology

Profile - Debby Ramsey - Third Engineer

Profile - Wayne Pawalek - Dive Safety Officer

Profile - Cindy Zipf - Ocean Advocate

Profile - Janet Nestlerode - Hazard Mitigation Planner

Profile - Bruce W. Altrock - Marine Biotechnologist

Profile - Amy Bowers - Associate Scientist

Profile - Jeff Kowalishen, Technical Systems Manager

Jeff Kowalishen works as a technical systems manager for Divecon. “Because we’re a small company, we all wear several hats,” he says. His main responsibilities are for the ROV systems (monitoring equipment and supplies, preparing the ROVs for assignments, securing the necessary personnel), but he also manages the company’s drug and alcohol program, training, and purchasing.

Profile - Joseph H. Comer III - Naval Architect/Consultant

Profile - Ramona de Graaf - Bay Pipefish Project

Profile - Dr. Louis A. Hobson - Professor of Biological Oceanography

Profile - Robert E. Hueter - Marine Biologist

Profile - Brian Sheehan - Marine Mammal Trainer

Profile - Carol J. Lloyd - Marine Geophysicist

Profile - Claudia Benitez-Nelson - Asst. Professor, Chemical Oceanography

Profile - M. Brandon Jones - Marine Biologist

Profile - Ken Kenerson - Able Seaman

A typical day for me at sea might include being a swimmer or a small boat operator for the submersible Alvin during launch and recovery operations, operating the crane for deployment or recovery of scientific equipment...and the list goes on!

Profile - Carmen G. Borda - Naval Architect

Profile - Chris Wade - Dive Safety Officer & Senior Aquarist

Following a career path that he describes as “non-traditional,” Captain Chris Wade is a dive safety officer and senior aquarist at Sea Life Park Hawaii by Dolphin Discovery, the world’s largest provider of dolphin interactions.

Profile - Dawn Wright - Geological Oceanographer

Profile - Jenny Cook, Marine Educator

Jenny Cook has been working as a marine educator at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama for almost seventeen years. Located on the eastern tip of a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, the lab is Alabama’s marine education and research center – the home site of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium, a group of state educational institutions.

Profile - Tara MacDonald - Polychaetologist at Bamfield Marine Station

Profile - Laura Verhegge, University Programs Coordinator at Bamfield Marine Station

Profile - Carmen Marquez-Marin - Environmental Layer & Marine Archaeologist

Profile - Bill Lovin - Underwater Filmmaker

Profile - Bryan Banks - Aquarist

Profile - Dana L. Morse - Extension Agent

Profile - John Bazzoni - Project Manager

As project manager of construction administration for a coastal engineering consulting firm, Bazzoni spends about half his time in the field. And despite such challenges as losing his cell phone, he says the most enjoyable part of his job is when he’s anywhere near the water.

Profile - Edward J. Noga - Aquatic Veterinarian

Profile - Dr. William C. Austin - Director of The Marine Ecology Station

Profile - Carol Droszcz - Coastal Resource Manager

Profile - Mike Conway - Marine Operations Technician

Mike Conway is a marine operations technician at the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Profile - Melissa Phipps, Aquarium Curator

Melissa Phipps is the Aquarium Curator at the Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. She began her career as a volunteer with no animal husbandry experience and received the training she needed on the job.

Profile - Jennifer C. Hooper - Marine Biologist

Profile - Deborah Bouchard - Aquaculture Microbiologist

Profile - Hanumant Singh - Ocean Engineer

Profile - Kathryn Gillis - Assoc. Professor, Earth and Ocean Science

Profile - Kevin McAllister - Baykeeper

Profile - John A. Duff - Marine Lawyer

Profile - Pat Iampietro, Hydrographer

Iampietro’s work requires an excellent understanding, both mechanically and functionally, of a wide range of technologies.

Profile - Andy Case - Exhibit Coordinator

Profile - Mike Kelley, Ocean Observatory Supervisor

As ocean observatory supervisor, Kelley relies both on his formal education and skills developed on the job. “My interdisciplinary degree has been a huge benefit,” he explains.

Profile - Heidi Nepf - Environmental Engineer

Profile - Derrick Toba - Environmental Planner

Profile - Ben Wilson - Visiting Scientist at Bamfield Marine Station

Profile - Stephen C. Jewett - Marine Biologist

Profile - Allison Henderson - Marine Biology Research Technician

Profile - Melissa Hutchinson

Profile - Jennifer Hunter - Environmental Manager

Profile - Stasia Ferbey - Biologist and Clam Expert

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